How to Reduce Monthly Payments – Video

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We could all benefit from finding ways to lower our bills. This YouTube video shows that consumers can do it with a few phone calls.

Ask For a Better Deal and You Shall Receive!

How to Reduce Monthly PaymentsCosts are rising but the tide isn’t irreversible, says a news feature from KCRA-3. In the video, a Sacramento consumer spends an hour on the phone to various service providers, cable operators and mobile communications companies to negotiate better deals. She was remarkably successful and managed to save more than $300 a year simply by asking for and receiving discounts!

Compare the market

Her technique was to appeal to the companies’ sense of loyalty and competition by mentioning other deals that were tempting her to leave for another provider. Researching other deals is not only smart because it shows you if you are paying too much, but also because it gives you negotiation leverage.

Say you’ll ditch them for cheaper competitor

Another tactic the consumer utilized was to outright state that she was unable to continue spending the current amount on the service and was considering dropping the company unless they would match a better deal. The trick here is to be clear that you want to cut costs but not reduce services or speeds. Be firm in your price range and be adamant that you will go elsewhere if they are unable to price match the service. The consumer holds the power in this equation, so be sure to use it.

Speak to Retention Department

The “match or leave” approach has an excellent success rate, especially if directed to the “retention department” of the company. These departments are authorized to give consumers more in order to persuade them to stay. Ask for what you want and you might just get it. If you want to pay $10 less a month for the same service, ask for it!


If you hold subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, call the subscription team to also wrangle better rates. Many paper publications are very keen to retain readership, so ask for freebies as much as possible!

Virtually all of the companies the consumer called were able to match or better other deals she mentioned. The moral of the story is shop around and do not be afraid to ask for discounts!
What about credit?

Unfortunately, the consumer in the video was not successful at reducing her credit card interest rate. But there are other ways to spend less on the money that you borrow… is one such way!

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