Business Cash Advance – Quick Cash for your Business is pleased to extend its introduction service for short term loans to businesses. As well as providing a fast, free and reliable referral service for individuals to payday lenders, we also submit applications from businesses.

Small or medium business owners will know that it can be tough to qualify for a small business loan in today’s challenging economy, not to mention risky and expensive.

A business cash advance can make a perfect alternative to a bank loan

Applying through is fast, simple and free!

Typically, business loans from banks require applicants to ensure long administrative processes, submit reams of paperwork and include personal security guarantees or co-signors. If your business is new and your need for a little extra cash a matter you wish to keep private, this can be hard to do if you opt to apply for a bank loan.

Let’s say you do so anyway. After having jumped all of the procedural hurdles, the approval rate for business loans is also at all all-time low.

Don’t waste your time!

A business cash advance is a fantastic way to give your small business an increase in trading capital or to cover some expansion expenses.
You don’t have to borrow a huge chunk of cash as if you were going through a bank, which means lower repayments and shorter repayment terms.
Apply now and see how much a lender can offer you according to your needs.

Use the money for any purpose

Another excellent benefit of a short-term loan over a small business loan or unsecured business loan is that there is no restriction on the use of any funds that may be received. Oftentimes, as a way of controlling the way you use the money for your business, banks may make you promise to only spend the cash on stock or repairs.

There are no such restrictions with a business cash advance. All of the lenders within our platform are happy for you to run your business the way you need to. You can use the cash for any purpose you want.

It’s YOUR business!

Use the money for remodeling, inventory, expansion, repairs or any other purpose.

Apply through our streamlined application process for a business cash advance from a top lender. Our one page online application has all of the convenience and easy features of an individual cash advance application, and can give you a decision from a lender within online.

Discover the difference and apply for a bridge loan for your business using the application service here at!