Avoiding Phone Scam Sparked by Payday Loan

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Watch this YouTube video to avoid becoming a victim of a payday loan phone scam that is currently being reported across the United States.

Woman with can and wire phoneIt’s extremely important to be careful about what happens to your personal details and information.

There are various steps you can take to protect yourself, not lest by being careful in selecting the companies you do business with and to whom you disclose details. For documents with tangible data, many people use shredders to securely dispose of sensitive details like bank accounts, credit card bills and the like in their homes or offices. Others are very careful to verify the caller on the phone and not reveal complete identification details. When online, look out for sites boasting SSL secure encryption and features such as the McAfee Secure™ trustmark, such as CashAdvanceOnline.net.

Consumers Receive Threatening Phone Calls

Unfortunately, not everyone is as careful with your personal data as CashAdvanceOnline.net. Take the story in this YouTube video. News First Five reports of a Colorado Springs couple that took out a payday loan from a store which presumably leaked their sensitive details.

The couple was alarmed and disturbed to receive threatening phone calls from the fictitious “United States Department of Law and Investigations.” The caller asked for them by name and mentioned the store from which they obtained the payday loan. They were told that they were behind on payments and that they should not ignore the call. However, the truth was that the couple had already made their repayment to the store.

Read Privacy Policies Carefully!

Seeming legitimate although being suspicious of the called, the couple contacted the payday loan store they borrowed from. Shockingly, the store revealed that the couple had agreed to the terms and conditions of their privacy policy which allows for disclosure of personal details to third parties.

CashAdvanceOnline.net has a clear privacy policy which you are free to review and be sure about before submitting any personal details to us.

We are very careful about what happens with your financial information. You can learn more about how we safeguard your privacy in our Privacy Policy.

A professional company like CashAdvanceOnline.net will never pass your details on to unscrupulous parties claiming to be from phony government departments! Those individuals are most likely trying to “phish” for personal data for identity fraud. Don’t give them any of your information.

If you ever receive a threatening phone call from an unknown source, hang up and contact law enforcement.

Be smart. Look for a payday loan online by using a reputable introduction service, such as CashAdvanceOnline.net. Our application form is secure and your details will remain safe.
Apply securely now for a fast match from a lender you can trust!

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